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X-ray Imaging

X-Ray Image Test Provided by Zaker Chiropractic

x-ray image of patients back and pelvis

When someone suffers an injury, it is important to visit a healthcare provider who possesses the right diagnostic tools. This includes x-ray imaging. While the medical community has also developed other imaging modalities, x-ray imaging is still widely used. X-ray machines generate a picture based on differences in density. A small beam of radiation is emitted from the x-ray machine. This beam of radiation passes through its intended target at different speeds based on density. The denser the medium, the faster the beam moves. The difference in speeds is then reflected in an image.

Conditions Identified on X-Ray Images

Patient getting into a medical evaluation in a chiropractic clinic.

When a chiropractor uses x-ray radiography, there are a variety of conditions that might be diagnosed. These include:

Alignment IssuesA chiropractor can use an x-ray machine to diagnose alignment issues of the spine or neck. If the vertebrae in the back are out of alignment, this will be reflected in the x-ray image.

Joint Dislocations An x-ray image can also be used to diagnose joint dislocations. If the head of the hip or shoulder has been shifted out of its socket, this can be diagnosed on an x-ray image.

Compressed VertebraeIn some cases, the vertebrae of the back have become compressed either due to an injury or due to routine wear and tear. If this is the case, the vertebrae will appear compressed on an x-ray image.

Once the condition has been diagnosed accurately, it can be treated by a trained chiropractor.

What to Expect During an X-Ray Imaging Procedure

When someone arrives for an x-ray image, they will be taken to a dark room. The machine will be set up. An assistant will ensure the patient is lined up properly, exposing the intended area to the x-ray machine. Then, the assistant will move behind a screen. Finally, the image will be taken. This is a completely painless procedure. It takes less than a second to take the image. The assistant will make sure the image quality is good before the patient leaves the room.

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