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Inflammation can severely limit your quality of life -- as you may know, all too well, if you're currently suffering from its effects. Acute inflammation is painful but has the virtue of eventually subsiding, while chronic inflammatory disorders can plague you for day after day and year after year. The good news is that you can get relief from the potentially devastating symptoms of inflammation, and without consuming massive dosages of drugs. Our chiropractor at Zaker Chiropractic is happy to serve as your source of all-natural, drug-free treatment for inflammation in Torrance, Newport Beach and San Pedro.

Understanding Inflammation: Causes and Symptoms

Inflammation is the body's protective response against a real or perceived threat. Acute inflammation occurs in reaction to a sudden, intense issue such as an ingrown toenail, bacterial/viral infection, open wound or acute soft tissue injury. The body responds to acute problems by sending an increased number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets (which contain repair substances known as growth factors) to the damaged or infected area. Pain, swelling, redness, and the discharge of pus may occur the inflammation process runs its course.

Eventually, the threat is eliminated, the tissue heals, and the inflammation recedes. As uncomfortable as acute inflammation undoubtedly is, it's actually a positive thing because of the crucial role it plays in healing. By contrast, chronic inflammation serves no useful purpose, nor does it usually go away on its own. Sometimes an acute injury will develop complications that turn a case of acute inflammation into a case of chronic inflammation. Examples of chronic inflammatory problems and their underlying causes include:

  • Osteoarthritis (joint inflammation caused by cartilage breakdown)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation caused by the immune system attacking the joints' synovial fluid)

  • Chronic stress or depression, which affects immune system efficiency

  • High-glycemic foods and/or obesity, which is known to raise inflammation markers in the bloodstream

  • Toxins from smoking that trigger immune system reactions

  • Repetitive motion injuries that cause chronic inflammation in tendons, muscles, bursae and other soft tissues

  • Musculoskeletal alignment issues that place unnatural stresses on joints and muscles

Chronic inflammation can produce a wider and less predictable range of symptoms than acute inflammation. Depending on your inflammatory condition, you may develop everything from hypertension and respiratory trouble to stiffness, digestive troubles, fatigue, skin problems and unexplained weight gain.

Zaker Chiropractic Can Help You Battle Your Inflammatory Health Challenge

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Chiropractic care and related therapies can play an integral role in helping you control your inflammation without relying on anti-inflammatory drugs. Our chiropractor, Dr. Zaker, will perform a thorough examination to discover or confirm the reasons for your symptoms. Our Chiropractors can then treat these underlying issues instead of simply numbing your pain temporarily.

The type of inflammation you're struggling with will determine the smartest inflammation treatment plan for your specific needs and symptoms. Treatment for acute inflammation usually includes a combination of rest, ice, compression and elevation (commonly abbreviated as R.I.C.E.) for the first few days following an injury. Chronic inflammation treatment calls for a more comprehensive approach that allows for long-term symptom management. our chiropractors may recommend treatment options such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to take excess stress off of inflamed joints and muscles -- while also improving nerve function and optimizing immune system operation

  • Massage therapy to control swelling, redness, and pain

  • Cryotherapy to relieve irritated nerves and arthritic joints

  • Physical therapy to increase pain-free range of motion in a chronic condition such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis/golfer's elbow

Our all-natural methods are not only completely safe and highly effective; they also enable you to steer clear of NSAIDs, steroids, opioids and other drugs. These drugs can cause serious side effects, interact dangerously with other medications, and provide only limited relief for a short period of time. The treatment for inflammation our chiropractors offer at Zaker Chiropractic is safe enough to make use of whenever you need it, as frequently as you need it, with no ill effects to worry about.

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The right treatment for inflammation can help you feel and function like yourself again -- all you have to do is commit yourself to take action.

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