The purpose of spinal decompression is to stretch and extend the spine to relieve pressure from the discs and joints in the spine and decompress any impacted nerve. As our body ages, the vertebrae in the spine become compressed due to age and weight gain. As the vertebrae compress, they clamp the joints and discs found between each set of vertebrae. This may cause the discs or joints to flatten and expand, moving outside of the normal parameters of the spine and impacting a local nerve. This occurs with bulging bulging discs, herniated disc, and spondylosis.

For patients suffering from vertebral compression, a spinal decompression procedure helps to alleviate pain and move the components of the spine back into proper place. You can also begin core exercises to build up the muscles around the spine to help hold everything in place. How is our table different? What differentiates our table from most is specificity.  With our decompression table, not only we can decompress the area of the injury but more so we are able to choose a specific segment in the injured area to target through the computerized system the table offers. This allows for more accurate and precise treatment with better results.