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Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Neuromuscular Ultrasound Test Provided by

Zaker Chiropractic

Chiropractor examining a patient with Neuromuscular ultrasound equipment

When a patient arrives at Zaker Chiropractic, he or she can rest easy knowing that we invest in the latest diagnostic tools. One option we have at our disposal is called neuromuscular ultrasound. This is a test that uses sound waves to generate an image on a screen. Then, this image can be used by a chiropractor to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. The ultrasound machine emits sound waves from the end of a probe. Sound travels at different speeds through different materials based on density. For example, sound waves pass quickly through bone. On the other hand, sound waves pass more slowly through the air. The bone will show up white on an ultrasound image whereas air will show up dark.

Neuromuscular Disease Diagnosed on Ultrasound

Ultrasound of kid's knee-joint - diagnosis

A chiropractor can use a neuromuscular ultrasound test to diagnose a variety of injuries and conditions. Some of these conditions include:

Pinched Nerves:  One of the most common conditions that a chiropractor can diagnose using neuromuscular ultrasound is a pinched nerve. When someone has a pinched nerve, there might be shooting pains that travel throughout that location. A chiropractor can find the nerve on the image and confirm that it is being compressed.

Muscle Tear: A chiropractor can also use an ultrasound machine to look for muscle tears. The ultrasound machine can be used to locate the largest part of the muscle. Then, the chiropractor can tell whether or not the muscle has been torn.

Once the right condition has been diagnosed, the chiropractor can use neuromuscular treatment to help patients recover.

What to Expect During Neuromuscular Ultrasound

If the chiropractor feels that a neuromuscular ultrasound is needed, he or she will make sure the patient is comfortable before the test. The area that needs to be imaged will be exposed. Then, the ultrasound probe will be removed. The gel will be applied to the probe and to the target area to help generate the best possible image. Finally, the chiropractor will move the probe over the intended area to generate the necessary pictures.

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