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Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and Tingling Treatment Provided at Zaker Chiropractic

Elderly woman getting up from bed and experiencing numbness and tingling sensations

From "pins and needles" and "electric shock sensations" to no sensations at all, abnormal nerve responses in any part of your body can leave you rightfully annoyed, disturbed, or frightened. But while some causes of numbness or tingling represent immediate medical threats, most of them are simply the result of compressed or "pinched" nerve tissue. Even if your condition doesn't merit a trip to the emergency room, you'll want to get it taken care of before it becomes difficult or even impossible to treat. Fortunately, you can get the care you need without resorting to surgery, thanks to the numbness and tingling treatment provided by Zaker Chiropractic.

Common Causes of Numbness and Tingling

Muscular man with pain in his neck caused by pinched nerve over white.

Symptoms such as numbness and tingling may have an obvious and direct cause (such as the tingling you feel when you hit your "funny bone"), or they may show up one day for no clear reason. Occasionally, these symptoms signal a serious or even life-threatening medical condition. If, for example, you suddenly experience tingling and numbness on one side of your body, accompanied by other symptoms such as speech problems or vision and hearing changes, you may suffer from a transient ischemic attack or "mini-stroke." More commonly, however, your symptoms may stem from:

  • Sleeping with an arm or leg in an awkward position (a condition that should correct itself quickly)
  • Neuralgia is a form of discomfort associated with temporary or permanent damage to a nerve
  • Diabetic neuropathy, which typically causes numbness, pain, and tingling in the hands and/or feet
  • Chronic or acute nerve impingement
    • Herniated Disc
    • Bulging Disc 
    • Pinched Nerve

The Problem of Pinched Nerves

Nerve impingement deserves a closer look because it can have so many causes and produce so many effects. The complex branches that make up your nervous system all connect back to major nerve roots, which in turn are attached directly to the spinal cord. If nerve tissue becomes compressed at any point in this network, sensations and motor signals can become garbled or stop moving -- potentially affecting any and all of the lesser nerves in that branch. Common causes of nerve compression include:

Woman holding her back due to a pinched nerve around her shoulder blade.
  • Acute injuries that dislodge spinal structures or herniate discs, which then press against the major nerve roots
  • Injuries from Auto Accidents or Whiplash
  • Spinal stenosis is a condition that narrows the spinal canal and put pressure on spinal nerve tissue
  • Spondylolisthesis is a shifting of one vertebra over another vertebra that pinches the spinal cord
  • Degenerative disc disease (including bulging discs)
  • Poor posture or weak back/neck musculature
  • Any uncorrected spinal misalignment
  • Swelling or spasms in tissues that surround nerves

Examples of common conditions related to pinched nerves include cervical radiculopathy (numbness or tingling in the arms and hands), sciatica (numbness or tingling in the legs and feet), carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist nerve compression), and tarsal tunnel syndrome (ankle/heel nerve compression).

We're Your Source for Non-Surgical Numbness and Tingling Treatment

When some part of your body doesn't feel right, your nerves are trying to tell you something --and that something may be a call for help. Give them that help by calling Zaker Chiropractic at our Torrance, San Pedro, or Newport Beach office, We're your source for non-surgical numbness and tingling treatment!

For more answers about how we can help you relieve your numbness and tingling without drugs or surgery, make an appointment with Zaker Chiropractic. Our chiropractors provide a wide variety of services to diagnose and treat your condition. Zaker Chiropractic has several locations to serve you. Call (949) 734-4454 for an appointment with Newport Beach Pain & Wellness in Newport Beach(424) 235-1562 for South Bay Pain & Wellness in Torrance, or (310) 831-0003 for an appointment with San Pedro Pain & Wellness in San Pedro. Each clinic offers a multidisciplinary list of services.


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