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Pain Management

Pain Management at Zaker Chiropractic Pain & Wellness in Torrance

Pain management doctors at Zaker Chiropractic.

Pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek the help of Pain Management in Torrance. Whether it is acute pain from an injury or chronic, daily pain from a medical condition, discomfort can drastically impact someone’s quality of life. Fortunately, various pain management options are available to patients in Torrance. These may include non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, as well as minimally invasive procedures such as nerve blocks and injections.

By working with a skilled pain management doctor (MD), patients in Torrance can find relief from their discomfort without resorting to surgical interventions, which may not always be successful. With the right pain management plan in place, individuals can regain control of their lives and enjoy an improved quality of life.

What is Pain Management

Pain management refers to the medical approach of easing or relieving pain caused by a wide range of conditions or injuries. Pain management aims to improve the patient’s quality of life by reducing pain levels, increasing mobility, and restoring the ability to function normally.

Pain management involves the use of various techniques and therapies to reduce pain, including medication, pain management therapy, and lifestyle changes. The approach used will depend on the type, location, and severity of the pain, as well as the patient's medical history and overall health.

Effective pain management is vital because pain can significantly affect a person's quality of life and ability to function. Chronic pain can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and other health problems, and can impact a person's ability to work and perform everyday tasks. 

By managing pain effectively, patients can experience improved physical and emotional well-being, as well as a better quality of life. Additionally, appropriate pain management can reduce the risk of long-term complications and improve outcomes for patients undergoing medical procedures or recovering from surgery.

Common Conditions Treated by Our Non-Surgical Pain Management Doctor

Our chiropractic team can treat several common conditions. Some of these include:

  • Back Pain: One of the most common locations for pain, our team can help individuals suffering from disc problems (such as degenerative discs and herniated discs), sciatica, and muscle sprains.
  • Neuropathic Pain: Pain stemming from nerves can be particularly debilitating. Our healthcare providers can help with carpal tunnel, diabetic neuropathy, and compressed nerves.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain: Anyone who has played competitive sports is aware of the pain and soreness that often follows. Whether it is a sports injury, an overuse injury, or a muscle strain, our team can help.
  • Headaches: Our team is even able to help those suffering from headaches. Whether it is a tension headache, migraines, or even cluster headaches, trust in our experienced team.

Non-Invasive Pain Management Treatments Available in Our Clinic

Surgery should be viewed as a last resort for pain management because it comes with numerous risks. Fortunately, there are also non-surgical pain management options as well. These options can be just as successful and carry with them fewer risks. Our office provides the following services:

  • Chiropractic Care: This can include manual adjustments, spinal decompression, and other manipulation techniques for individuals suffering from pain.
  • Medication (If needed): This is the last resort but in times where deemed medically necessary, our Physician will utilize the help of pain medications (NSAIDs)
  • Radiofrequency/Rhizotomy: If conservative treatments fail to provide adequate relief, this can help destroy the nerves that are causing pain, providing relief.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulators: Spinal cord stimulators are medical devices that can be used to manage chronic pain conditions. They work by delivering electrical impulses to the spinal cord, which can help to disrupt pain signals that are being sent to the brain. This can result in significant pain relief for some patients who have not found relief from other forms of pain management.
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: As a last resort, minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) may be necessary to relieve pain and improve spinal function. MISS involves making small incisions in the back and using special instruments to access and repair the affected areas. The advantages of this type of surgery include less risk of infection, fewer post-operative complications, faster healing time, and improved patient outcomes. 

At Zaker Chiropractic Pain & Wellness, our clinic is happy to provide numerous options for non-surgical pain management. For example, the clinic provides a team of expert Pain Management Physicians (M.D.) and Chiropractors who are well-versed in procedures such as spinal adjustments that can help relieve ailments such as pinched nerves or compressed spinal roots. 

In addition to chiropractors, we also have rehab specialists that can help people recover from injuries. With exercises to improve strength, mobility, and flexibility, daily discomfort can be a worry of the past. Finally, the clinic also staffs a team of certified massage specialists who can target certain body parts that might have knots, be sore, or are otherwise irritated. These non-surgical treatment options should be a part of any well-rounded pain management treatment plan.

Benefits of Pain Management

Pain management is an essential medical practice for individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain. It offers numerous benefits, including 

  • Improved Quality of Life: Pain management can significantly reduce pain levels and associated symptoms, allowing individuals to have increased functional abilities. They can participate in daily activities, engage in hobbies, and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Avoidance of Unnecessary Surgeries: In some cases, non-invasive pain management options can help avoid surgeries. This can reduce the risk of complications associated with surgery and improve the overall recovery process.
  • Better Emotional Well-Being: Chronic pain can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression, which can negatively impact emotional well-being. Pain management can help reduce these emotional disturbances, leading to an improved mood and overall emotional well-being.
  • Lower Healthcare Costs: Pain management can reduce the need for expensive medical procedures and surgeries, resulting in lower healthcare costs. Individuals who receive effective pain management are less likely to visit emergency rooms or require long hospital stays.

Why Choose Our Pain Management Clinic

Our pain management clinic offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical pain management services designed to help individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain. Choosing our pain management clinic offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Experienced Pain Management Specialist: Our pain management doctors and specialists are highly trained and experienced in pain management. They use a multidisciplinary approach, combining different treatments, and therapies to create a personalized pain management plan that meets each patient's specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Pain Management Services: Our pain management clinic offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical pain management treatments, including physiotherapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, medications, nerve blocks, injections, and more. We emphasize patient-centered care, ensuring that each treatment plan is tailored to the individual's needs and preferences.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment: Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology and equipment, providing patients with the latest and most effective pain management treatments. We maintain a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease during their treatment.
  • Positive Patient Outcomes: Our pain management clinic has a track record of helping patients improve their quality of life. We have numerous success stories and patient testimonials that demonstrate our commitment to helping individuals live pain-free life.
  • Convenient Location and Scheduling: Our clinic location is easily accessible and offers flexible scheduling options, making it easy for patients to schedule appointments that fit their busy schedules.
  • OWCP Injury Claims: At Zaker Chiropractic Pain & Wellness, we have a wealth of experience managing injury claims covered by the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), including those under the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP). We recognize the value of chiropractic care in the treatment of work-related injuries, and we are committed to supporting our patients throughout the OWCP injury claim submission process by providing them with the necessary documentation and assistance. Our highly skilled team is well-equipped to guide you through this process and ensure that you receive the compensation coverage you deserve.

Finding Trust in a Compassionate Pain Management Specialist in Torrance

Clearly, there are many options available for pain management that do not involve setting foot in an operating room. Those searching for pain management in Torrance should contact our office today to learn more. With the help of an experienced pain management doctor, the problems of daily discomfort will be a worry of the past. 

At Zaker Chiropractic Pain & Wellness, we have placed the needs of our patients first. This commitment has not gone unnoticed, as it is reflected in the glowing reviews left by our patients on clients on sites such as Yelp and Google. Please get in touch with us by calling 424-372-0183 to learn more about how we can help you with your pain management.


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