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Are you one of the 80% of adults struggling with back pain? You are not alone. Many people do because of previous injuries or mobility problems. At Zaker Chiropractic, our chiropractors in Newport Beach, Torrance and San Pedro work closely with you to ensure you get the best access to back pain treatment.

Whether you're experiencing chronic low back pain or suffered a sports-related injury, we can provide you with pain relief in many cases. We encourage you to contact our team to discuss the options available to you.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint. If back pain is not properly treated, it will worsen over time. It can become chronic, meaning it can come and go or remain present all of the time. This is debilitating. In chiropractic care, the first step is to understand the origin of the pain. When we work to resolve the underlying cause of your pain, you can get back to your life. So, what can cause back pain?

Many times, soft tissue injuries or mechanic tissues with the spinal column are to blame for back pain. The costs can range widely but they tend to be related to the following:

Herniated Disc

A common cause of back pain is a herniated disc. The disc, which is a flexible, jelly-like cushion that sits between the spinal column’s vertebrae can sometimes break through the outer layer. When this happens, it can inflame the nearby nerve root, causing significant pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Over time, the discs that make up the spinal column can become worn down. They lose hydration over time, and as this happens, it can create tears in them. This causes a weakening of the disc and pain.

Spinal Stenosis

This condition occurs when a narrowing of the spinal column’s inner canal occurs. This is the pathway the nerves take to move to the brain. This can cause significant lower back pain.


Wearing and tearing on the disc and joints in this area can cause pain and inflammation.

Other causes of back pain including infection, tumors, fractures to the vertebrae, as well as ligament and muscle tears. Some people may also suffer from pain related to an autoimmune disease.


How Chiropractic Helps Provide Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic care can offer help by addressing the source of the problem. Once we obtain x-rays and provide an examination, we can determine where the source of the pain is. We can then address it with the proper treatment options.

We believe that every patient is unique. Patient education and advocacy is at the heart of everything we do. We create a custom treatment plan that is specific to your injury or condition, and all new patients receive an initial 45 minute consultation.


Techniques and Therapies Used for Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment in our office ranges widely based on the type of pain you have and the location of it. Some of the treatment options we offer include the following:

-Chiropractic adjustments work to properly align the spinal column again, reducing pain on nerves and muscles. Adjustments involve the use of specific force to various areas of the spinal column to reduce the misalignment and pressure.

-Mobilization is another option. It is a low-velocity type of chiropractic adjustment. It helps to stretch the joints and muscles. Over time, this can increase overall range of motion.

-Massage therapy can help to reduce inflammation in the area. This type of treatment can help to reduce overall tension and mobility concerns for many back pain causes.
You may find other treatment options we offer can help as well. This includes Pilates, physiotherapy, decompression therapy, and even cryotherapy. We will help you choose the right treatment based on the condition, the cause, and the severity of the condition.


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