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Herniated Disc / Bulging Disc

Herniated Disc and Bulging Disc Treatment at Zaker Chiropractic

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A herniated disc, also known as a “slipped disc,” “herniated disc,” or a “ruptured disc”, is a common spinal condition in the United States. The good news, however, is that herniated and bulging discs can be treated with the right combination of nonsurgical treatment such as chiropractic care, providing relief from symptoms in as little as one visit. At Zaker Chiropractic, we treat the underlying cause of herniated disc pain. Our chiropractic team can address your bulging disc with nonsurgical, drug-free options to promote healing and alleviate your pain.

What Is the Difference Between a Herniated Disc and a Bulging Disc?

One of the most common reasons why our patients come to see us is that they are concerned they might have a herniated disc or a bulging disc. While medical professionals often use these terms interchangeably, they are slightly different. The key differences to note include:

  • A bulging disc is a disc that has swollen slightly but has not yet herniated. For example, the disc itself might be bulging slightly into the spinal canal. As a result, the disc is going to irritate the nerves of the spinal cord slightly, causing many of the symptoms of a herniated disc.
  • A herniated disc is more serious than a bulging disc in that it has pped disc pain may start off dull anruptured. As a result, the liquid is going to leak from the disc down the spinal cord, irritating the nerves along the way. This is going to lead to the classic symptoms that most people associate with this medical problem.

The most common location for someone to experience either a bulging or a herniated disc is between L3 and L4 or between L4 and L5.

What Causes A Herniated Disc?

The disks between the vertebrate and your spine are made up of a tough outer ring and a soft jelly-like substance in the middle. A herniated disc occurs when the outer ring in the disk ruptures so that the soft “jelly”-like substance leaks and presses against the nerve tissue, causing pain, weakness, and other symptoms. This tear can be due to age, an injury involving twisting or turning, or lifting a heavy object.  

Symptoms of Herniated Disc

Female having a low back pain due to degenerative disc disease.

A herniated disc most commonly occurs in the lower back (lumbar spine) area, but can also occur in your neck (cervical spine) The lower back is one of the more common areas for a slipped disc. Slipped disc pain may start dull and become stronger over time. The symptoms of a herniated disc vary by severity, location, and person, with the most common being: -Pain in your lower backhips, buttocks, legs, and feet. Pressure on nerves that contribute to the sciatic nerve can cause pain, burning, tingling, and numbness from the butt into the leg and sometimes into the foot -Arm or Leg pain (also known as sciatica). Pain that extends to your arms or legs. Usually, one side (left or right) is affected -Numbness or tingling -Muscle Weakness -Muscle spasms or cramping -Pain that worsens with movement. Pain may intensify with prolonged standing or sitting, walking even a short distance, coughing or sneezing -Loss of bladder control For herniated discs in the neck, symptoms include numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in the shoulder, neck, arm, or hand. Symptoms often increase or decrease with neck motion.

What Causes a Bulging Disc?

For those who are looking for bulging disc treatment in Torrance, it is important to know about the most common causes of bulging discs. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Individuals might have developed a bulging disc as a result of the heavy lifting
  • Some people have a bulging disc after they have been involved in an auto accident
  • Individuals can develop a bulging disc as a result of chronic medical problems such as degenerative disc disease

For those who are looking for bulging or herniated disc treatment in Torrance, the first step is to make the diagnosis.

How Is a Herniated or Bulging Disc Diagnosed?

Anyone looking for bulging disc treatment in Torrance has to have this issue diagnosed properly. It is helpful to work with a trained chiropractor who understands how to examine someone’s back and identify a herniated or bulging disc. The doctor is going to ask about some of the most common symptoms of this condition including back pain, shooting pains down the legs, and possible back or leg weakness. Then, an x-ray might be performed to look for the narrowing of the spinal canal or collapsed vertebrae due to a bulging or herniated disc. Once this condition is diagnosed, herniated disc treatment in Torrance can begin.

Why Visit Our Doctors For Herniated Disc Treatment?

The best way to tell if you have a ruptured disc is to see a doctor in your area that specializes in herniated disc pain relief. If you live in the Newport Beach, Torrance, or San Pedro area, we can take care of you. Our chiropractors will take a complete medical history and perform a thorough physical examination to find the source of your pain. We understand the pain associated with slipped discs and our immediate goal is to provide you with prompt pain relief and bring you back to optimal health.  

Our Approach to Bulging Disc or Herniated Disc Treatment in Newport Beach, Torrance & San Pedro, CA

South bay decompression therapy.

Your symptoms may be different or include a combination of a few. Our chiropractors will listen to your concerns and will develop a bulging disc or herniated disc treatment plan to ease your pain. By reducing the pressure on the nerves by realigning the vertebrae, you will be able to regain your strength. Some common chiropractic techniques we use to treat herniated discs include:

  • Manipulations- Our number one technique is to use our gentle approach to adjust your vertebrae. We identify the area that is out of alignment and apply gentle pressure to slip the vertebrae into place and lessen your pain. This takes the pressure off the disc and may speed up your body's ability to absorb the disc.
  • MUA - is another approach our chiropractors use to eliminate pain from a herniated disc. We use mild anesthesia to relax your muscles that may be resisting the adjustments. MUA is an ideal alternative to surgery for a herniated disc.
  • Spinal Decompression- We use a spinal decompression machine to reduce the pressure on your discs and increase the space between your vertebrae. The table places you in an anti-gravity-like state so your spine reabsorbs the herniated disc and your pain is reduced.

Request An Appointment For Bulging & Herniated Disc Pain Relief

If you're looking for slipped disc pain relief, call (949) 734-4454 for an appointment in Newport Pain & Wellness(424) 235-1562 for South Bay Pain & Wellness, or (310) 831-0003 for an appointment with San Pedro Pain & Wellness. Each clinic offers a multidisciplinary list of services. We are proud to offer same-day appointments when possible, and even take walk-ins, so come on by--we look forward to working with you!  


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