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Expert Tech Neck Relief Tips from Your Newport Beach Chiropractor

In our modern lives, technology plays a central role, leading to prolonged periods spent in front of screens like computers, tablets, or e-readers. However, this increased screen time often results in neck pain, a common discomfort called "tech neck." 

Find tech neck relief with chiropractic adjustments at Newport Beach Pain and Wellness, where our specialists can provide valuable tips and guidance.

Understanding Tech-Induced Neck Strain

Using phones and devices for long periods and sitting in unhealthy positions can lead to tech-induced neck strain, resulting in pain in the neck and shoulders. Symptoms of tech neck may include headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, tingling, numbness in the hands, and a loss of the natural spine curvature.

Ergonomic Adjustments for Device Use

Making ergonomic adjustments while using devices is essential for preventing discomfort and promoting overall well-being. Simple changes such as adjusting screen height, maintaining proper posture, and taking regular breaks can significantly reduce the risk of tech-related strain and discomfort. By prioritizing ergonomics in device use, individuals can enhance their comfort and minimize the potential for neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Neck Stretches and Exercises

woman doing Neck Stretches and Exercises

Neck Extension

Neck extension exercises involve stretching the muscles from the throat through the front of the neck and engaging the muscles from the skull base to the upper back. These exercises help improve flexibility and strength in the neck, contributing to overall neck health and reducing the risk of discomfort and stiffness.

Lateral Neck Flexion

Lateral neck flexion involves tilting the head sideways, allowing for a stretch along the side of the neck. This movement targets muscles on the opposite side of the head and neck, helping to improve flexibility and reduce tension in the lateral neck region.

Neck Flexion

Neck flexion involves bending the neck forward, bringing the chin towards the chest. This movement primarily engages the muscles at the front of the neck while also stretching the muscles at the back of the neck.

Neck Rotation

Neck rotation exercises involve gently turning the head from side to side, stretching the muscles along the sides and back of the neck. This movement helps improve flexibility, reduce tension, and enhance overall neck mobility, making it an important component of neck-strengthening routines.

Mindful Tech Use Practices

proper neck posture mindful exercises

Maintain Proper Posture

Proper posture is incredibly important for preventing neck strain while using electronic devices, as slouching or bending over them for extended periods can overwork the neck and upper back muscles.

Ergonomic Workspace Setup

Creating an ergonomic workstation is essential for preventing cervical pain. Invest in ergonomic accessories like a mouse, keyboard, and adjustable chair, and ensure your computer monitor is positioned directly in front of you at eye level to avoid unnecessary neck bending.

Use Technology Mindfully

Designate tech-free zones such as the dining room and bedroom in your home to encourage less screen time. Utilize applications or device settings to track your screen usage and schedule regular breaks, helping to alleviate strain on your neck and increase awareness of your tech usage habits.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Neck Strain

Chiropractic adjustments for neck strain offer a non-invasive and effective solution to tech neck relief and promote neck health. At Newport Beach Pain and Wellness, our chiropractors specialize in providing targeted adjustments to address neck strain, helping patients find relief from pain and stiffness.

By restoring proper alignment and function to the spine, chiropractic care can improve mobility, reduce tension, and enhance overall well-being for individuals experiencing neck strain.

Nutritional Support for Neck Health

Nutritional support is vital in maintaining optimal neck health. A diet rich in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and antioxidants can help reduce inflammation and support the health of the neck's muscles, ligaments, and discs. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is crucial for maintaining the elasticity of spinal discs and promoting the overall hydration of soft tissues. 

At Newport Beach Pain and Wellness, we offer personalized nutritional guidance to complement chiropractic care, helping patients optimize their neck health and overall well-being through proper nutrition.

Stress Management Techniques

woman doing stretching for stress management and to relief neck pain


Incorporating stretching into your routine can enhance your range of motion and flexibility while releasing tension from your neck muscles. Regular neck stretches are particularly beneficial for reducing muscle tightness, preventing discomfort, and promoting relaxation.


The heat helps release tension by relaxing muscles and boosting blood flow. Use a heat pack on your shoulders and neck for around 20 minutes before bed if you have one at home. For stiff neck muscles, a hot bath or shower also works wonders.

Strengthening exercises

Improving neck support strengthens the muscles in your upper back, enabling overworked muscles to relax and bear less weight. Gym exercises such as rows and lat pulldowns are effective, or you can use small hand weights for home workouts.

Sleeping Posture Tips

The ideal sleeping positions for relieving neck pain are either on your side or back. When sleeping on your back, use a flatter pillow under your head and a circular pillow to support the natural curvature of your neck. This can be achieved with a specialized pillow featuring built-in neck support and a head indentation or by adding a small neck roll to the pillowcase of a softer, more balanced pillow.


Untreated tech neck can lead to spinal damage, potentially exacerbating other conditions such as arthritis, meningitis, or a herniated disc, resulting in a stiff neck. Our doctors at Newport Pain and Wellness specialize in determining the underlying cause of neck discomfort and crafting personalized treatment plans to address stiffness, pain, or restricted movement. 

Contact us today to begin your journey to well-being with the finest tech neck relief treatments available!

Dr. Misa Zaker, D.C.
As a South Bay resident and graduate from UCLA Dr. Zaker specializes in comprehensive multifaceted chiropractic care and manipulation under anesthesia (MUA). After getting his doctor of chiropractic degree at Southern California University of Health Sciences Dr. Zaker built his practice with a goal of changing the perception of what a chiropractic treatment consists of. Dr. Zaker has treated many professionals and amateur athletes including UFC pros, marathoners, swimmers, dancers, and cyclists. Certified in Nerve Conduction Velocity and Manipulation Under Anesthesia, his expertise is sports rehabilitation has helped hundreds of injured athletes regain their strength and flexibility without surgery.

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