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Torrance Chiropractors Provide Inside Tips

Torrance Chiropractors at South Bay Pain & Wellness Offer Insights

What to know before you go to your chiropractic appointment

Great Torrance chiropractor and Torrance ChiropractorsYou are getting ready to go to your first chiropractic appointment and you are a little nervous. Well, don’t be! Here are some tips from Torrance chiropractors, Misa Zaker, D.C. and Jong H. Kim, D.C. of South Bay Pain & Wellness.

1. Prepare for an overall health and body review.

Many people think you go to a chiropractor to get your neck or back “cracked” into alignment. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A good chiropractor will sit down with you and talk about your unique physical issues and needs before they do anything. Then, they will review your body and assess your injuries, aches, spine alignment, and more.

From there, they will let you know what kind of procedures would be best for your particular situation… and this may involve a plan with physical therapy, massage, special exercises, and other things that don’t even involve a chiropractic adjustment.

After all, good chiropractors will look at what is best for your overall body and health… not just your spine.

And know that if you do need an adjustment, your chiropractor will tell you what they plan to do in advance so there are no surprises or pain!

2. Your information will remain private.

In order to give you the best treatment for your particular injury, pain or circumstance, your chiropractor will ask you about medical issues, previous injuries and accidents, if you smoke, and other, private matters.

But don’t worry. You are protected by doctor/patient confidentiality laws, and your information will remain private.

This way, you can feel comfortable answering questions so that the doctor has the data he or she needs to treat you.

3. Discover Your Personal Treatment Plan.

Experienced and licensed chiropractors will provide you with an individual plan for your specific medical needs. There is a common misconception that a chiropractor typically wants you to come for several visits over many months to heal your pain. But, your treatment schedule is very specific to your unique situation.

If you notice that the chiropractor you’re seeing is giving the same treatment plan to everyone and requests numerous visits each month without an explanation, ask questions. While some patients require numerous treatments for their particular injuries, most do not.

Good chiropractors will tell you exactly what kind of treatment you need and typically want to get you back to your regular activities and feeling better as soon as possible!

Get Ready to Feel Better.

Feel better with Torrance chiropractors who care

Today, chiropractors study techniques and procedures for overall well-being. When you go to your first visit, you’ll receive a personal assessment relevant to your specific needs.

Then, your chiropractor will use this information to provide a unique treatment plan just for you involving chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage, exercises, and/or other activities. The whole point of going to see a chiropractor is to ease your pain and get back to doing all of the activities you love to do as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we hope you look forward to your first chiropractic treatment and feeling better as soon as possible!


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