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Misa Zaker, D.C. helps relieve neck and back pain

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“AWESOME in everything. Dr. Zaker and staff, including the best massage therapist, Doris, rocks! I’ve been there twice and looking forward to many more visits. Dr. Zaker is thorough and explains everything with an action plan. The office visits are efficient and I appreciate that everyone working there is courteous and professional. Thank you Chaz (our friend) for the referral!!!”
Amy Jyo, El Segundo, CA


“When I first visited Dr. Zaker I was in very bad shape, I had received many injections in the past that were not doing the job. My pain was still there every day in morning and all throughout the day. The next step for me was surgery recommended to me by two of the surgeons that I visited. When I found out about spinal decompression for my low back I figured I would give it a try because it was my last option. After the first treatment I was very sore but by treatment number 15 approximately 80% of my shooting pain was gone. Dr. Zaker’s decompression table is nothing like I have seen before. It not only targets the low back but also targets a specific level where the herniation is and also the side it is on. I was saved from surgery.”
Barry Sams

“After Dr. Zaker ordered my MRI in my neck and we discussed the results, it was obvious to me that my issues were serious. I had a 6mm herniation in my neck at multiple levels. Based on what my brother went through with pretty much the same problem I figured I would end up with a fusion just like him and would have to live with pain for the rest of my life. Dr Zaker introduced me to the spinal decompression machine and it changed everything. After about 11 or 12 visits all of the tingling in my hands was gone. Although we were also treating me with stretches, muscle work, and strengthening, the decompression table seemed to play an enormous role in keeping me out of surgery.”

Brett Frizzell


“I have to say that I was very impressed with the extent of the care and service I experienced at SBPW. Dr. Z and all the therapist were cordial and did a great job for me.”

Trent Mitchell


“Ever since I could remember, I had neck and back problems. Last year, I had neck surgery because of the herniated discs in my spine. I have been stiff and in pain ever since. When I met Dr. Zaker it was not for my neck but my low back pain. After taking an X ray he revealed to me that I had major degenerative changes in my lumbar spine and had lost substantial height in my discs. I tried spinal decompression for the lumbar spine on a program on the decompression machines computer that was specifically designed for degeneration. After about 6 visits I felt my muscles were less stiff and my pain had decreased substantially. I only wish I knew about this machine before I opted to get my neck surgery.”

Nick O’connor


“After Dr. Zaker ordered my MRI and the results came back that I had a few herniated discs in my low back I thought I would need surgery. Dr. Zaker told me that he had just added a spinal decompression table in his office. The first three or four times I tried it I did not see much of a difference but after the fifth visit the radiating sciatic pain down my leg started alleviating and by the time I was on my 15th treatment over 80 percent of the pain and tingling was gone. I am thankful that new advancements in technology can give patients like me other options other than surgery.”

Kristin Andrich