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Manipulation Under Anesthesia

What is MUA?

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) is an insurance-reimbursable and non-invasive procedure. It is is used to treat acute and chronic conditions that may not be treatable by standard massage and chiropractic adjustments due to long-standing pain.

Some of these include: chronic back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, arthritic conditions, persistently shortened muscles and long-term pain syndromes. Using a light sedation, our doctors perform adjustments and movements that were once too painful to be applied.

This allows us to get adequate motion in a once static joint. Most patients  feel pain-free and have a great improvement in their range of motion post-procedure. This is a viable alternative for patients that are not responding well to traditional conservative care, or failed attempts with surgeries to correct the pain.

How can we help?

The Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure is performed at Bay City Surgery Center, a fully-accredited, chiropractor-friendly Ambulatory Surgery Center located in Torrance CA. Here, patients receive the best in comprehensive, personalized care with convenience, privacy, and same-day treatment at the surgical center.

Bay City Surgery Center has been a local leader in Manipulation Under Anesthesia with over a decade of experience. We have performed thousands of MUA procedures. Our staff members are well-trained in this specialized treatment which will ensure a smooth and safe process for patients.

Note that this treatment may require three or more sessions to get optimal results. And we highly recommend intense, physical rehabilitation during this time, as it is necessary to promote improvement.

How can MUA help me?

The potential benefits of Manipulation Under Anesthesia therapy include:

Releasing scar tissue (adhesions) in and around joints.

Decreasing chronic muscle spasm.

Stretching persistently shortened muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Relief from pain and radiating symptoms caused by damaged intervertebral discs.

Most important, Manipulation Under Anesthesia can provide patients immediate relief and give a noticeable difference in their daily activities. These positive results will continue to improve with our intensive, post-MUA therapy procedures.

Manipulation Under Anesthesa (MUA) completed at Torrance's South Bay Pain & Wellness

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