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Vitality vs. Exhaustion – Tips from San Pedro Pain & Wellness

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

By Ranee Alison Spina, M.A.

Ranee Alison Spina of San Pedro Pain & Wellness

Every week, I meet people completely stressed out from life. The story is always the same, “I have no time to take care of my health.” Unfortunately, our bodies eventually rebel, and breakdown. The communication is there; we just tend to ignore what our body is telling us:
• “I can’t keep up this pace. Please give me a couple more hours of sleep.”
• “My muscles are so tight; please do something to relieve the spasms.”
• “I can’t get healthy blood flow to all of my organs; the pain and numbness is my reminder to you to take action now.”

Yes, our bodies do talk to us. We just need to become better listeners, and do what our body guides us to do. If you’re body is already in a state of stress, the holidays take it up a notch, which is why so many people get sick and further run down during December.

Our adrenals – our shock absorbers – can only handle so much. Adrenals are little glands that sit on top of the kidneys. They help you to respond to what happens in your daily life. Most people have exhausted their adrenals by doing too much – for too long – and holding on to common stressors.

If you have unresolved emotional stress such as: worry, anger, guilt, anxiety, or fear, you have probably exhausted your adrenals. If you have unresolved physical stress such as: severe allergies, excessive work or exercise, chronic pain, environmental toxins, or a suboptimal diet, you probably have exhausted your adrenals.

Dr. Zaker of San Pedro Pain and Wellness commented on this common issue, “Many, many patients come into our office when the pain is excruciating; they can hardly move, or breathe, because the pain is so intense. If they had sought treatment when the symptoms first started, they would have been able to head off the debilitating injury that kept them out of work for two weeks.”

So, let’s RESTORE our shock absorbers!

1. Before you say “yes” to anything else in your life, ask, “Will this further deplete my energy levels?”

2. Go to bed by 10pm. Adrenals benefit when you go to bed earlier than midnight, and if you sleep 7-9 hours.

3. Get a therapeutic massage at least once a month. It decreases stress hormones and increases our well-being hormones.

4. Be sure to eat some type of protein every 3-4 hours. Slowly switch to decaf coffee/tea as your adrenals get stronger. Take a multi-vitamin/mineral every day at lunch. B-complex, Vita-C, Vita-D, and Magnesium are important to maintain balance. (Capsules rather than tablets.)

5. Get a chiropractic adjustment monthly to boost your immune system and support your Central Nervous System.

6. Breathe. Remember DEEP, SLOW BREATHS help calm the body.

And most importantly…

Watch how you talk to yourself! Just as you would comfort a small child, tell yourself that it’s OK and whatever happens, you will handle it with grace.

Here’s to peace of mind and vitality this holiday season!

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