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What to Look for in Good Chiropractors

Torrance Chiropractor Gives Important Tips to Find the Right D.C. for You!

By Misa Zaker, D.C., a manipulation under anesthesia specialist and Torrance chiropractor

 Misa Zaker, D.C., Torrance chiropractor, helps relieve neck and back painWhat should you look for in a good chiropractor?

We’ve all heard stories from friends and family members about their visits to see various chiropractors. Some had wonderful experiences… others, not so much.

With this in mind, what should you look for when searching for the right chiropractic care for you?

Well, as an experienced and top-rated, Torrance chiropractor, I wanted to share some insights with you so here are…

3 Top Tips for Finding a Good Chiropractor

1. Figure out the source of your pain.

To start the healing process, first you need to figure out what is causing your pain. If you have some tight and sore muscles, you may just need a good massage.

If you have tingling in your arms, fingers and/or legs, throbbing or a dull ache in a specific body part, sever headaches, or other symptoms, it’s important to see your doctor right away. This way, you can discover what is wrong and get the appropriate, medical attention.

You may need x-rays, an MRI or other tests to find out exactly what is going on with your back, neck, head, legs, and more. Find out what is going on with your body.

2. Conduct research.

Once you know what is causing your pain, it’s time to conduct research. Whether you have a herniated disc, pulled muscle, carpal tunnel, or another injury, it’s important to look at all of your treatment options.

Ask your doctor about the healing process, what’s involved in recovery, limitations on your activity, and more. Get a few, medical opinions if you need surgery. Then, look at everything that is available to you.

There are many possibilities available including: chiropractic care, manipulation under anesthesia, ultrasound, therapeutic massage, physical therapy, and more. The key is to research various treatments and see how they can help you with your specific injury.

3. Get referrals.

Ask friends, family members, co-workers, workout buddies, and more for referrals for good chiropractors. Then, look at reviews, the chiropractor’s website and more. Check to ensure that the doctor has the appropriate licenses and experience to provide chiropractic care and other treatments. Then, make an appointment.

At your initial meeting with the chiropractor, he or she should review your symptoms, pain level, medical reports, test results, and more. They should have a good understanding of your physical fitness level, daily activities and health goals.

Once they know about your specific issues, they can provide options unique to your situation. This may be a combination of treatments that include chiropractic care, home exercises, massage, physical therapy, and more. Plus, your chiropractor should communicate with your entire medical team to get the best results.

It Takes Time to Find a Good Chiropractor.

Wherever you are, Chicago, Kansas, Florida, or here in Torrance, chiropractors can help you feel better. The key is to find out what is causing your various, medical issues and conduct the appropriate research.

By asking questions, getting referrals and meeting with various chiropractors, you can find the perfect D.C. to help ease your pain and get you back to your favorite activities as soon as possible!

Do you need to get rid of your aches and pains so you can be more active and healthy?

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