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Spinal Decompression Therapy Gets to the Source of Pain

Get back to your regular activities with these tips from Torrance Chiropractor, Misa Zaker, D.C.

Spinal decompression therapy can help reduce pain in your legs, arms, back, and more.

slide3If you are currently getting shots, taking a lot of pills, getting massages, and more, you may experience temporary relief from nerve pain. But these may just be bandages that reduce symptoms and don’t necessarily help the underlying cause of your pain.


As a Torrance chiropractor who has practiced in the local area for many years, let me explain…

The Root of Your Pain


When you have shooting pain in your arms or legs or numbness or tingling in your fingers or toes, you may have a disc in your spine that is out of place and hitting your nerve (bulging or herniated disc).


If you feel pain in your arms and upper torso, your upper discs in the neck are probably the culprit. Now, if you have pain in your legs and lower extremities, it probably has to do with a disc issue in your lower back.

Spinal decompression therapy can help heal neck and back pain.

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And this happens frequently. Some people don’t feel any discomfort at all. And others may have pain for a few weeks or months.


Pain caused by a herniated or bulging disc can often be healed with rest and the right type of chiropractic care, exercises, physical therapy, and massage.


Often, physicians will prescribe steroids and/or injections into the spine to reduce inflammation. And these treatments work well for many people.

But, there is also another treatment that goes right to the source… spinal decompression therapy.

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?


With spinal decompression therapy, you can reduce pressure on the spine without surgery. Basically, you lie down on a special table, and your chiropractor will input specific measurements into a computer. Then, you simply relax while the table lightly stretches your spine.


This give your discs room to breathe. And over time, this can make a huge difference. In fact, many patients avoid surgery altogether due to these treatments!


Another non-surgical treatment is manipulation under anesthesia. This is where a specially-licensed doctor provides a chiropractic treatment while you are under anesthesia in a clinical setting. Here, your doctor can manipulate your body in certain ways to help reduce scar tissue, stretch muscles and more. But, you don’t feel any pain during the procedure!


You Can Feel Better!


If you are in pain, see your doctor and check with a chiropractor as soon as possible.


Today, there are many, non-surgical procedures that can resolve your pain due to disc issues. And spinal decompression therapy may be just what you need to reduce symptoms and actually feel better for the long-term.


Do you want to check out spinal decompression therapy for your pain?


For more information on spinal decompression therapy at our San Pedro and Torrance, California offices, please contact us here.