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Chiropractor-Torrance Specialist Treats Patients with Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Chiropractic treatment helps increase range of motion.

Chiropractor Torrance and San Pedro - Misa Zaker, DCDr. Misa Zaker, is a chiropractor in Torrance, CA and San Pedro, CA who specializes in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). This chiropractic treatment is non-invasive and becoming increasingly common for conditions that include:

• Neck, back and joint pain
• Muscle shortness and spasms
• Long-term pain syndrome(s)
• Fibrous adhesions

MUA is a chiropractic treatment considered generally safe and often used to treat pain in the spinal, sacroiliac and pelvic areas. Though these treatments have been around for more than 60 years, Dr. Zaker is one of few, Torrance chiropractors who is most advanced at using this technique.

How Manipulation Under Anesthesia Works…

MUA combines traditional chiropractic treatment of manual adjustments, stretches and maneuvers with an anesthesia or sedative to help:

• Relax pain-perceiving nerves irritated by spinal dysfunction;
• Reduce muscle spasms and facilitate fuller and more thorough spinal adjustment; and
• Enable the doctor to more effectively stretch shortened muscles and break-down adhesions caused by scar tissue.
MUA is routinely and successfully performed by a chiropractor. Torrance specialist, Dr. Zaker, does this process on a regular basis with many, happy patients obtaining a better range-of-motion and reduced pain.

Benefits of Manipulation Under Anesthesia…

Manipulation Under Anesthesa - South Bay Pain & Wellness

The benefits of MUA are greatly enhanced and magnified with the addition of anesthesia. Many patients experience:

• More effective break-up of scar tissue in and around spinal joints – often caused by failed back surgery or multiple injuries;
• Improved treatment effectiveness by overcoming hyper-sensitivity of injured areas;
• Decreases in chronic muscle spasms;
• Increased stretching of persistently-shortened muscles and connective tissues; and
• Better relief from pain and radiating symptoms due to intervertebral disc damage.

“The addition of anesthetic helps make patients more comfortable and enables us to more effectively perform adjustments, manipulations and stretches where pain and involuntary muscular reactions might resist chiropractic treatment,” states Dr. Zaker.

Are You a Candidate for MUA?

Certain conditions and injuries respond poorly to conventional care. This is likely due to a build-up of scar tissue around spinal joints and in surrounding muscles that causes localized pressure – resulting in chronic pain. MUA can be considered an alternative treatment for those with the following common symptoms:

• Neck, middle and lower back pain;
• Chronic muscle pain, spasms and inflammation;
• Decreased spinal range of motion;
• Failed back surgery;
• Chronic headaches (occipital or tension); and
• Conditions where narcotic pain relievers are of little benefit.

There are other physical conditions addressed by this treatment as well, but it is recommended you consult with an expert such as Dr. Zaker at his Torrance chiropractic office. Generally, the best patients for MUA have received nonsurgical care for 6-8 weeks that has proven to be ineffective.

Find Out if MUA is Right for You…

Are you interested in learning more about MUA or looking for a chiropractor in Torrance, California?

If so, Dr. Zaker’s experienced team of spine and pain specialists offer a full range of treatments – ranging from MUA to traditional chiropractic treatment to massage therapy.

Simply contact us here to learn more.