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Chiropractic Care

Heal your pain with help from our Torrance chiropractors.

The chiropractors and professionals in our Torrance office take great price in providing high quality, chiropractic care which is evident from our top reviews on Yelp! and others. From extensive patient-education, injury prevention and health promotion, we are here to help you reduce your pain as quickly as possible.

Do you need help with a sports injury?

Do you have neck and back pain?

Would you like to be more flexible and reduce the chance of having future injuries?

Certified and trained in various techniques, we help patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics along with sports care, pregnancy care, and wellness. And don’t worry. No injury is the same so you’ll receive specific treatment that’s unique to you and your injury.

Torrance chiropractor, Misa Zaker, D.C., helps relieve neck and back pain

Torrance chiropractor, Misa Zaker, D.C., helps relieve neck and back pain.

What is Chiropractic Care?

While you may hear many myths about chiropractic care, the truth is that chiropractic treatments help to remove postural imbalances and structural misalignments that can accumulate in our bodies over time.

A chiropractor will help you restore your own, inborn ability to be healthy. For your body to remain healthy, your nervous system must function well and be free of interference. By restoring spinal function with chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference by misaligned vertebrae is removed. And this allows optimal, nervous-system function and improved health.

Chiropractic care focuses on disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

The brain controls every function of the body from neck and arm movement to breathing and digestion.  When the nerve flow from the brain is interrupted by some type of interference (spinal misalignment, muscle tightness or inflammation) the body is not allowed to function at its full potential.  Chiropractors identify spinal misalignment and muscle tension and treat it with a drug-free, hands-on technique.

Chiropractic care is most often used to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints including” low-back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and headaches. However, chiropractic care has also been used for countless other problems such as infertility, infantile colic, and asthma.

How can we help you feel better and function at optimal levels?

Here at South Bay Pain & Wellness, we blend modern, medical techniques with the chiropractic procedure of manual manipulation of the spine. We combine physio therapy, nutritional advice, electric muscle-stimulation, traction, hot-cold packs, and other techniques for pain management. Our facility uses the most modern methods of examination and diagnostic tools.

Chiropractic Adjustment

A Chiropractic adjustment is the use of a specific force in a precise direction that helps normalize spinal function. The adjustment is applied to a joint that is fixated, “locked up,” or not moving properly. Adjustments help return the bones to a more normal position or motion, restoring the body’s natural healing.

First, the location is palpated to locate the area of your spine that is causing you problems. Then, when performing adjustments, your chiropractor will quickly and gently stretch that spinal joint, often pushing it past its normal range-of-motion. You may feel and hear some cracks, as pockets of air often found in the tissue-fluid near the joint burst. After the adjustments are complete, you may feel some soreness and tightness in the surrounding muscles, but there is typically a provisional decrease in pain.

How can our chiropractors help you?

You may want to see a chiropractor to experience this vertebral subluxation if you:

  • Experience a traumatic injury;
  • Have a re-occurring or lingering sports-related injury;
  • Suffer from a degenerative spine condition;
  • Work at a job that requires repetitive motion (twisting, bending, etc.);
  • Hold tension in your back or neck muscles due to stress; and
  • Slouch and have poor posture on a regular basis, and more!

And since chiropractic care directly affects the nervous system, it can help with numerous conditions, including those related to: accidents
arthitis, tendonitis, headaches, migraines, back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, shoulder pain, knee or leg pain, and more.

It is very crucial to take care of these conditions when you first suspect them to ultimately give yourself the best chance for the fastest recovery.

To learn more, please contact us here to schedule your initial appointment.