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Causes of Lower, Upper and Mid Back Pain

If you are experiencing intermittent or chronic low, mid or upper back pain, our chiropractors at Zaker Chiropractic may be able to help. With locations in San Pedro, Torrance, and Newport Beach, our staff works hard to facilitate optimal symptom resolution and recovery for patients with upper, middle and lower back pain.


Chiropractor Discusses Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable and can even prevent you from turning or tilting your head. Neck pain can make it hard to sleep at night, work at your job or take care of your family; pain in your neck can also stop you from enjoying your favorite sports or hobbies. Learn how our doctor can help relieve your neck pain today.

Signs You may have a Pinched Nerve: From Our Pinched Nerve Doctor

Some signs of a pinched nerve indicate a serious problem that could cause you to experience severe or long-term symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms of a pinched nerve can mimic other conditions. Learn more about pinched nerves and how to relieve the pain in this article. (2)

Shoulder Pain FAQ

When your shoulder bothers you to the points that you can’t move your arm properly, you may feel as if you’re trying to live your life with one hand tied behind your back. Take a look at these answers to some frequently asked questions about shoulder pain.


Everything You Should Know About Shoulder Pain

Whether your shoulder causes you unceasing agony or only hurts when you move it in specific ways, you’re probably finding that your shoulder pain places serious limitations on your quality of life. Fortunately, chiropractors can spare many shoulder pain sufferers from invasive treatments such as surgery or the worrying risks and complications of drugs.


3 Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain Fast At Home

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain Fast At Home. If you find that your should pain is continuing, you should call your Chiropractor, Dr. Zaker, to discuss your options to treat shoulder pain without surgery.

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